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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

What started off as a fun project during lockdown, led us to meet the team behind Tulett Design and subsequently being asked to create a campaign film for their new consumer lead product, Chop + Swipe.


Like most of the country we were forced to work from home during lockdown, whilst juggling the demands of home schooling. Unable to shoot in gorgeous locations we started utilising our kitchen to shoot Covid safe content, and it was then that our 8 year old daughter decided to get involved! She felt confident she knew more about social media marketing than her "dinosaur parents" We couldn't believe how tech savvy she was and was soon asking people to like her video and 'hit that subscribe button'.

It turned out that Amelie's charm caught the attention of Tulett Design agency, and they approached us to help create a video campaign to promote their new crowd-funded chopping board. Chop and Swipe is a simple and neat solution to messy chopping boards which almost doubles in size with detachable trays.

We know how important a video campaign is for launching a new product and generating sales so we were delighted that the Tulett team put their trust in us. Our last crowd-funded campaign helped raise over half a million pounds and we're hoping to repeat this for the Chop and Swipe board.

The entire Chop and Swipe shoot was conducted from our kitchen, transforming it from a family space into an adapatable set in just 20 minutes. Working in a small team we have all the equipment you'd expect from a studio space including camera lights, tracking rigs, hand sanitiser and plenty of coffee! We follow the latest Government safety measures and guidelines to reduce the risk of Coronavirus. In previous projects we have even had clients on zoom throughout the shoot, eliminating risk, while not limiting participation.

We'll let you know when the finished campaign is launched and we will now be regularly posting blogs and updates, so be sure to hit that subscribe button!

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